From: bradq To: benbodhi

@benbodhi, I love that you've made web3 and Nouns better in so many ways. I appreciate your generous, warm spirit and openness to help people, to have fun and to be nounish. I'm glad you've been part of my journey.

From: bradq To: toadyhawk.eth

@toadyhawk.eth, I love that you've played an important part of my web3 journey. you looked out for me early on when I got connected to TNS & it's been a fun and interesting journey ever since. I appreciate the many things you do widely in this space. Many do.

From: bradq To: nounishprof

@nounishprof, I love the way you pour yourself into this space even when recognition and rewards lag behind is an inspiration to me and others. I was so glad that you ended up getting a Noun. I'm glad you've been part of my web3 journey.

From: bradq To: chriscocreated

@chriscocreated, I love your work. It is worthy of more recognition than it gets. I think you insight into what real community online looks like is rarely matched. You challenge me & all of us to make community more than a buzzword and to take action.

From: bradq To: codincowboy

@codincowboy, I love your faithful work welcoming new dinos and is worthy of more recognition than it gets. I appreciate your work for the dinos and this space.

From: arjantupan To: gmfarcaster

@gmfarcaster, I love the show Twenty-one minutes? Time for coffee and culture GM Farcaster

From: mike1third.eth To: dennis

@dennis, I love that you are based

From: chriscocreated To: hardymathieu

@hardymathieu, I love you for your support, your immediate energy, your openess and your desire to explore and enable a better world together. I appreciate your friendship here, thank you.

From: chriscocreated To: arjantupan

@arjantupan, I love Your smile. Your passion for words, and spreading them to others. Your innovation and your collaboration. And your focus on all the people. Thank you for your support it gives me so much energy.

From: 2pac To: kenobi

@kenobi, I love Hey got in The year of Jade dragon We going Billionaire.+2xTinner Thx u and may the force and the wealth be with u/my master

From: links To: adrienne

@adrienne, I love your general sceptic vibe on gmFarcaster

From: links To: nfthinker

@nfthinker, I love how you're always constructive and honest

From: links To: cassie

@cassie, I love your sardonic wit

From: links To: ted

@ted, I love how your casts force me to think

From: links To: chriscocreated

@chriscocreated, I love the creativity and artistic execution of your projects

From: links To: nonlinear.eth

@nonlinear.eth, I love how you produce banger after banger, day after day

From: almar.eth To: margot

@margot, I love how we explore the (virtual) world together for almost 24 years already. You’re my Valentine πŸ’Œ every single day πŸ’‹

From: naomiii To: arjantupan

@arjantupan, I love that you deliver onchain poetry without a fail, adding a human, artistic touch to this space we so desperately need. Also thanks for jumping on the postcard idea!

From: naomiii To: raluca

@raluca, I love the fun postcard you sent me full of lemons, and that you've offered to show me around Vienna. Thanks for being a positive real one on the internet and I'll definitely take you up on it!

From: naomiii To: links

@links, I love the way you support, and inspire others around you. Can't wait to see your vision of an organization of the future come true.

From: habitat To: agu

@agu, I love you, you are my random valentine from my frens list! I'm sending you a lil lovin! Stay $degen fren!

From: uncledavo To: chriscocreated

@chriscocreated, I love the way you work with community in different ways - on calls, posting essays, in DMs, creating things. It's hard to bring people together like you do - thank you!

From: uncledavo To: gami

@gami, I love your output, courage and creativity. Big member. You're an inspiration to me and many others - Farcaster is lucky to have you!

From: uncledavo To: v

@v, I love the things you're doing to make distribution and GTM better for builders here. So many well thought out features - excited for the future of Farcaster.

From: uncledavo To: cameron

@cameron, I love your proactiveness, dedication to creators, meme game and friendliness.

From: bp To: wagame

@wagame, I love that you have all the alpha

From: brokenthumbs To: mattkunke

@mattkunke, I love that you created the Bad Kids Warpcast channel, and are bringing the Bad Kids community into Farcaster. Bad Kids in every web3 space.

From: hartel To: arra

@arra, I love Your alpha

From: tcw To: nonlinear.eth

@nonlinear.eth, I love your unwavering commitment to helping creatives build relationships & earn money to push their craft further

From: tcw To: ddd4

@ddd4, I love your early support of our efforts around Filmatree, when we needed the support to continue on the most

From: tcw To: cassie

@cassie, I love how you stick to your moral compass no matter what - inspiring for the times I feel like compromising on some of mine

From: tcw To: nounishprof

@nounishprof, I love how welcoming you are to everyone - keeping the feeling of new possibilities / opportunities alive (+ showing the way with GM Farcaster)

From: tcw To: chriscocreated

@chriscocreated, I love how supportive you've been of early Filmatree work, even when it seemed like a weird series of postings. Your work on cocreated helps show me what is possible with people creating together on the Internet

From: tcw To: mxvoid

@mxvoid, I love that you played along with the weird early game of Filmatree before it looked like a thing. And I've enjoyed collecting your art along the way too

From: naomiii To: danicaswanson

@danicaswanson, I love your writing, and takes on how spaces for writers should be organized in web3 to enable us to focus as much as possible on creative outlet. Keep going <3

From: naomiii To: july

@july , I love the food for thought you consistently share, interesting philosophical takes, and when you write a post it, as the kids say, slaps.

From: naomiii To: marzs

@marzs, I love your upbeat spirit, your supportiveness, and all the cool images and clips you share. Looking forward to seeing more!

From: naomiii To: thechandresh.eth

@thechandresh.eth, I love That you're sending a book around the world twice! And the super interesting questions and insights you share during book club meets. And of course the cat pics, more cuteness in the tl is always a win. Keep crushing it!

From: hardymathieu To: polmaire.eth

@polmaire.eth, I love how you're making it delightful with Converse for me to have conversations with my on-chain friends, and I can't wait for it to be with all of my friends

From: hardymathieu To: estour

@estour, I love the community you've built with Cryptosquare πŸ‡§πŸ‡ͺ and thank you for all the people I've met and all the things I've learned thanks to your events!

From: tcw To: tfm

@tfm, I love that you're patient enough to work on Filmatree with me and that you believe in NoYore's mission enough to dedicate time + resources to help get it all off the ground

From: tcw To: fufuprophet.eth

@fufuprophet.eth, I love that you supported Filmatree early on & that you're on WC keeping the early vibes that I love so much, alive

From: tcw To: uncledavo

@uncledavo, I love that you gave some love to early @Filmatree and that you are building on Warpcast, making it feel more like the place to build + be

From: chriscocreated To: gami

@gami, I love the way you play, positive sum at the edge of posibility

From: arjantupan To: chriscocreated

@chriscocreated, I love how you always inspire us to create more together with you and your wonderful ideas.

From: arjantupan To: wordstobepoetry

@wordstobepoetry, I love your cloud-gazing words and your resilience. Keep writing sister.

From: arjantupan To: ashwini

@ashwini, I love your art and your generous nature and how you are the biggest supporter of poetry

From: arjantupan To: doodleslice

@doodleslice, I love your creativity and your funny and thoughtful poetry

From: arjantupan To: dawufi

@dawufi, I love how your open and positive approach is one of the pillars Farcaster grew on. You are the culture. Thank you.

From: arjantupan To: cameron

@cameron, I love how you are making Farcaster such a wonderful place for creators, by always being there.

From: arjantupan To: anacaballero

@anacaballero, I love your work and your kindness and how you are blazing through boundaries setting an example for all onchain poets

From: kbc To: ivy

@ivy, I love your proactivity and that you speak your mind.

From: artlu To: farcasteradmin.e

@farcasteradmin.eth, I love that I Wish I Knew How to Quit You pls fwd this msg 2 warpcast

From: doodleslice To: arjantupan

@arjantupan, I love how selflessly you support the poetry community and I am grateful for how much you have personally done to support and encourage my own work.

From: hardymathieu To: coppola

@coppola, I love the community you've built with Cryptosquare πŸ‡§πŸ‡ͺ and thank you for all the people I've met and all the things I've learned thanks to your events!

From: hardymathieu To: chriscocreated

@chriscocreated, I love the practice of CoLaborating with you and everyone I've met thanks to this. Like writing, participating in (y)our on-chain creations are forcing me to put feelings into words in little on-chain time-capsules. Playful yet full of reflections.

From: uncledavo To: ccarella.eth

@ccarella.eth, I love how committed you are to Purple and to Farcaster, and how generous you are with feedback and support for builders. Purple especially - so many moving parts, but you handle it all with grace and enthusiasm. Thank you!

From: nounishprof To: adrienne

@adrienne, I love everything we are building! Thanks for being the best cohost/cofounder I could ask for! πŸ’œ

From: way To: brc420

@brc420, I love 1

From: taliskye To: tjark

@tjark, I love your positivity and ability to not only never give up, but to rally a community to make something amazing happen - again and again. You're an inspiration.

From: taliskye To: seeingblue

@seeingblue, I love your art and your approach to the ecosystem (Zora + Base). Following your journey and development has been a joy. I truly look forward to what you create in the future.

From: taliskye To: thumbsup.eth

@thumbsup.eth, I love the way you dive into a topics and connect all the disparate parts. The way you develop through the writing process is informative and gets me thinking. Thank you.

From: chriscocreated To: rish

@rish, I love you and @manan for building /neynar and enabling me (and us all) to more easily bring our visions to life. You do it with joy, and massive support πŸ™

From: chriscocreated To: les

@les, I love your way of being - sharing your stream, you build my confidence in what I have to give, and I am deeply grateful

From: hartel To: arra

@arra I love hustling with you

From: rch To: smarahakim

@smarahakim I love Winter Ghosts πŸ‘» Let's go πŸš€

From: adrienne To: chriscocreated

@chriscocreated I love your consistency and unique brand of community art. Happy Valentine’s Day πŸ’œ

From: chriscocreated To: davisshaver

@davisshaver, I love you for your nurturing support, picking up my vulnerability at the bar at farcon made a huge difference to me that trip, and I love how you be - thoughtful, committed, grounded and principled as we build this web3 world

From: chriscocreated To: jpren.eth

@jpren.eth, I love you for the way you keep showing up, supportive, creative and deep thinking

From: chriscocreated To: jayme

@jayme, I love you for the energy you bring to FC, and your long term support - jumping in on my first piece, and being here providing fuel as a collaborator ever since

From: chriscocreated To: nonlinear.eth

@nonlinear.eth, I love your relentless supportive energy, your ability to see round corners, your meme game and your incredible support, thank you.

From: chriscocreated To: ccarella.eth

@ccarella.eth, I love your vision and support. Positive sum, open, creative and collaborative it's a delight to be travelling with you

From: chriscocreated To: dawufi

@dawufi, I love your incredible vibe! Your beautiful energy lifts me up, and you make it fun! Thank you my man.

From: chriscocreated To: nounishprof

@nounishprof, I love you for all the joyous energy you bring to my web3 life, for listening and supporting, commiserating and creating together

From: chriscocreated To: dwr.eth

@dwr.eth, I love you and @v for creating this vibrant place where I can throw my creative energies to help build a better world for us all. Thank you.

From: chriscocreated To: cybershakti

@cybershakti, I love the fun supportive creative world you are building here - making space for everyone

From: maxtorres To: juan

@juan, I love that you are like an Aztec priest, your wisdom transcends time, guiding us through life's intricate maze with the precision of the stars.

From: chriscocreated To: bradq

@bradq, I love you kind thoughtfulness, I love the pace you go at, i love your self awareness, I love your willingness to step in even when it's not comfortable, I love that you make this space that bit better, thank you

From: adnum To: adnum

@adnum, I love crypto, but not my friends. So I balloon myself πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

From: nonlinear.eth To: chriscocreated

@chriscocreated i love how hardworking and passionate you are about building an authentic community and creating collaborative art πŸ’œ

From: nftroyalty To: thebluffer.eth

@thebluffer.eth, I love how we were able to connect recently.

From: chriscocreated To: jessepollak

@jessepollak, I love you for your authentic leadership & your enthusiasm for what we are creating here together. Your energy and attention lifts me up.

From: chriscocreated To: joshuafisher.eth

@joshuafisher.eth, I love you for your relentless enthusiasm, for your support for all the artists, for your vision for culture on Nouns, and for being right their for the Nounga

From: hartel To: arra

@arra I love degenning with you

From: yes2crypto.eth To: corpetty

@corpetty , I love what you do for crypto community with the podcasts

From: madamlobster To: keeper

@keeper i love you for being the best❀️

From: yes2crypto.eth To: fergulati

@fergulati, I love the levity you bring to crypto space

From: yes2crypto.eth To: texjak

@texjak, I love your family and the talks we have

From: yes2crypto.eth To: urania

@urania, I love everything about you

From: yes2crypto.eth To: kingten

@kingten, I love how great a mom you are

From: dawufi To: alexcomeau

@alexcomeau, i love pushing web3 adoption with you bud <3

From: johnson To: df

@df, I love all the awesome efforts you have done to the developer space in Warpcast. Sending u all the respect and best wishes.

From: madamlobster To: iness

@iness i love you because you're best friend in the world and the best godmother for my children ❀️

From: tinyrainboot To: jessyjeanne

@jessyjeanne i love watching you build an empire!

From: tinyrainboot To: mxjxn.eth

@mxjxn.eth i love the cryptoart channel!

From: tinyrainboot To: alest0r

@alest0r i love your pfp

From: jessyjeanne To: tinyrainboot

@tinyrainboot I πŸ’• your artworks and how you’re evolving in the space. πŸ˜πŸ’

From: chriscocreated To: stoic

@stoic, I love you for your open collaborative way of being, your passion for a better world, and for keeping our skulk together, its a pleasure to hang with you

From: chriscocreated To: sa

@sa, I love your open and honest communication, and your enthusiasm for the boundary pushing new thing

From: chriscocreated To: thechandresh.eth

@thechandresh.eth, I love your energy and warmth and that you stayed up till 2 in the morning to join us!

From: chriscocreated To: antimofm.eth

@antimofm.eth, I love your wild generosity, your eye for beauty and joy, and your italian passion in the Cambridgeshire countryside

From: chriscocreated To: morereese

@morereese, I love you for supportive connected creativity, your energy is something special. I loved that first workshop together, and I'm loving getting to CoCreated as we go!

From: chriscocreated To: thethriller

@thethriller, I love how you jump in to the collaboration, for your support at farcon and beyond, and the way you are changing the law and the world for the better, thank you

From: chriscocreated To: tcw

@tcw, I love playing along this cocreative exploration together, find our way into a new way of being and doing. Looking forward to the next stage!

From: chriscocreated To: kbc

@kbc, I love you for your open hearted vulnerability, for your stories and the data, and your willingness to dive all the way into both.

From: chriscocreated To: naomiii

@naomiii, I love you for your playfulness, for your grounded energy and your integrity.

From: chriscocreated To: j-valeska

@j-valeska, I love your creative dreaming collaborative willingness to jump in, thank you for your support and for exploring this territory

From: chriscocreated To: wake

@wake I love you for the support and enthusiasm you've shown to me and the whole community here, I value your leadership as we build out something profound and useful

From: wake To: purp

@purp, I genuinely admire your grit, networking prowess, and rain-man level competency with all things LP, DAO, MEATS, and HATS.

From: degen133.eth To: jacek

@jacek, i love that you made it possible for me to become the degentlemen I always was inside. my hat goes off to you sir!

From: degen133.eth To: joncharbonneau

@joncharbonneau, I love that you invited me to farcaster. thank you for all your wisdom!

From: wake To: sgt-sl8termelon

@sgt-sl8termelon, DYWTFS was among the most personally enriching art experiences ever, certainly within web3, and I'm thankful that /degen gave us a chance to connect so I could tell you that more than once.

From: degen133.eth To: godpower

@godpower, love that we are still friends after all these years, and even happier that we get to share web3 together!

From: degen133.eth To: wake

@wake, I love your never ending degen energy! thank you for showing us how to wear the hat! 🎩

From: chriscocreated To: 0xsatori

@0xsatori, I love how you experiment and play and jump into the positive sum games

From: chriscocreated To: mxjxn.eth

@mxjxn.eth, I love you for your open hearted inclusive leadership, your willingness to show, jump in and experiment, you generosity, and your tash.

From: degen133.eth To: purp

@purp, i love your vibes! looking forward to what is to come!

From: chriscocreated To: bias

@bias, I love that you have opened up the world of PUNK to me, I had no idea that I was. keep bringing the perspective

From: chriscocreated To: ayushm.eth

@ayushm.eth, I love your farc energy, thank you for colaborating

From: chriscocreated To: 01

@01, I love that you have jumped into cocreated, looking forward to CoLaborating with you

From: chriscocreated To: 2pac

@2pac, I love your enthusiasm and that you have jumped into cocreated!

From: chriscocreated To: maxsl.eth

@maxsl.eth, I love that you jumped into CoCreated and that I've got the opportunity to get to know you

From: maxsl.eth To: chriscocreated

@chriscocreated, I love being a part of it! 10000 $degen

From: mazemari To: tinyrainboot

@tinyrainboot I love your magical world artworks &free spirit! πŸ’œ

From: chriscocreated To: asenderling.eth

@asenderling.eth, I love your intro to CoCreated - your enthusiasm for bringing the world onchain, and looking forward to collaborating with you!

From: chriscocreated To: kmacb.eth

@kmacb.eth I love you for being with me in spirit through most of this farc adventure. Some of the most grounded supportive energy, that has kept me going in the slow times. And for the beautiful game channel

From: chriscocreated To: deefs.eth

@deefs.eth, I love that you've subbed into CoCreated hope I get the opportunity to get to know you

From: chriscocreated To: omnikek

@omnikek, I love that you've got involved in CoCreated, looking forward to what we do together

From: chriscocreated To: 0xair

@0xair, I love that you made yourself part of CoCreated, looking forward to connecting and creating together

From: hari-j To: healthxchange

@healthxchange, I love the teams dedication to the mission!

From: chriscocreated To: cameron

@cameron, I love you for the huge supportive, earnest, creative energy that you bring here. Dor making farcon happen and for being 100% for meeting afterwards - your interest and connection has been a huge part of drawing me forward as an artist and a contributor here, thank you.

From: chriscocreated To: zachfrench

@zachfrench, I love you for your passionate commitment to a better world, for going after the possible, for the love you show for the humans around you, for your willingness to step into your creativity, and for your foxyness in those early days.

From: mazemari To: pablito112

@pablito112 I love you πŸ’“πŸ’—πŸ’œβ€ just a reminder

From: kmacb.eth To: chukwukaosakwe

@chukwukaosakwe, I love your positive LFG attitude, /football channel stewardship, and passion for the beautiful game. Your dedication and enthusiasm are truly inspiring. Those who have heard you in an @aburra space will agree, your laugh & positive spirit are contagious.⚽ πŸ’œ

From: spellcasterpuff To: chriscocreated

@chriscocreated I love what you are doing with the NFTs and CoCreated! Thank you for the fun 🀟❀️

From: greed To: littlethings

@littlethings, i love to ask ingfo dao

From: greed To: zeropercentbrain

@zeropercentbrain, i love to ask ingfo masuk inner

From: greed To: gulocrypto

@gulocrypto i love to say thanks for degen ingfo

From: greed To: bitmart

@bitmart i love to say ini ada balon

From: greed To: sahmee

@sahmee i love to say ini ada balon

From: sahmee To: greed

@greed I love ungu nyoo

From: nounishprof To: chriscocreated

@chriscocreated I love your creativity & generous spirit! Plus you are the only witness of the lost /gmfarcaster episode lol 61000 $degen (for our 61st episode πŸ«ΆπŸŽ©πŸ’•)

From: jgr33nwood.eth To: greenjeff

@greenjeff, I love Biometric Sybil Resistance

From: ccarella.eth To: jessepollak

@jessepollak thanks for making us all believe that we will bring 1 billion people on chain.

From: ccarella.eth To: df

@df thanks for Frames.js and the way you navigate the Farcaster Protocol ecosystem with grace.

From: ccarella.eth To: toadyhawk.eth

@toadyhawk.eth thanks for everything you do for this space, Nouns and beyond. You are one of cryptos greatest ambassadors.

From: ccarella.eth To: derekgtaylor

@derekgtaylor thanks for your friendship and humble leadership. You are our favorite crypto person's favorite crypto person.

From: toadyhawk.eth To: nounishprof

@nounishprof I love how you always give so much positive energy to nouns and farcaster, and you’re always down to clown on anything (as in β€œdo you want to cohost a ZeroPod episode with me in *checks notes* 35 seconds?”)

From: toadyhawk.eth To: jessepollak

@jessepollak I love how you live and breathe to support builders, even while constantly building yourself. You’re also extremely kind and that’s clear to see, even when you’re admonishing a spammer or soft-dunking on a Solana maxi. Based AF. πŸ”΅

From: garance To: optimism

@optimism, I love your solarpunk side!

From: davisshaver.eth To: punk

@punk I love PUNKs

From: cybershakti To: nounishprof

@nounishprof I love your presence in my life, so warm inpsiring, something I aspire to be

From: punk To: les

@les, we love that you fearlessly stream into the punknown